Where is isKeyUP ?


i want show dialog on keypress, dialog flickering with keypress always

qici havent method isKeyUp
method isKeyDown calling all time while key is pressed
qc.Keyboard.keyCount == 1 always (i mean it is bug, counter must increments while event is active)

i cant see there way to get one call the callback on keypress event

help please!
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ok... support... my snippet
in prototype.update() :
    // check for flag isKeyPause (default = false)
if (!self.isKeyPause && self.game.input.isKeyDown(qc.Keyboard.P)) {
pause = self.isPause || false;
self.isPause = !pause;
self.dlgPause.visible = self.isPause;

self.isKeyPause = true; // set flag to prevent execute this block
setTimeout( function() { // reset flag in 0.5 sec
self.isKeyPause = false;
}, 500);

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