how to do atlas animations in QICI

hey, I want to know is possible to do spritesheet animations like in the original Phaser: atlas + JSON:game.load.atlasJSONHash('spritesheet', 'assets/spritesheets/hero.png', 'assets/spritesheets/hero.json');
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Hello, this method is not supported by QICI Engine at can do this just like ... .html  


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BunBunBun, QICI doesn't support the way Phaser do right now, You can check this demo 
try to do frame animation the way QICI provides, If the way cannot satisfy you, we will consider to add this feature


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eric, yeah, will be better to work with atlas + json, it's best way to work with spritesheets I think.


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hello, for the question you informed, at present it is impossible to do spritesheet animations in the way like in the original Phaser, but our QICI Engine has its own way to do atlas animations, to see more detail information, please go ... .html


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ok, understand. let me know please do you plan to support this method in the near future in QICI? in Jan/Feb for example.


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QC-Cindy, you gave the link to just game, there are no info about atlas animations. :)

Morabaraba - A ancient African game

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Hi, is there now any way to read tp json hash files? Defining them by hand like in the Sprite Frame Animation docs is not feasable for alot of spritesheets. 


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Agree that , I have 15 animations and 115 frame / animation , I have no idea what to do now . *crying*

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