Button TransitionBehaviour problem

So, its about clicked and disabled texture swap for button.
in preview it works on click its changing clicked texture fine, In publish its also works fine, But i have .net project and when i'm moving all files in he project, There it does not want to change a texture. The project is a simple project and its almost the same as qici published project, js files textures and everything is in the same folders and also i have checked the clicked texture and it is loaded when im running project in browser, Maybe anyone can tell me where me to search this problem and what kind of problem this can be.
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May be you can open the Developer Tools of your browser and check if there are any error messages.
If it still doesn't work, you can provide a simple demo for more help.


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It was a version issue, i updatec qici engine and in a .NET project view file was included old version of qici core thats why hover event was not workig. thanks for reply.

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